January 27, 2023

A website is your address on the digital world, an adress that your visitors must type to be connected to your content platform.

You will need a website right away because it will make a huge difference will you will be in need for it.
Here is a list of reasons why you should create your own website today :

Social media is too competitive

Social media platforms are way competitive, and your page won’t have a chance especially in your begining.

Social media platforms are oriented to serve ads, and even if you are offering good products any page can bid on yours, and win the race.

Having your own website helps you gain trust bust both customers and future clients.

Your website will be a great way to promote your brand and set fan base.

Authority is key

An old established website gain trust by both search engines and customers especially if it is well written and connect with visitors.

An old website can attract visitors from all the glob without a need for advertising cost or any social media compaign.


Domain availability

It is hard to find you desired domain name especially in a very competitive niches with much higher demand.

Or even a local website can be taken by other resellers that will make it impossible for you to take it unless you pay a very speculative price.

A domain name can be parked

You can park your domain and get paid even you are not using it or you didn’t buy any hosting.

Sedo.com is our favourite site for domain parking and it is easy to use.

You can resell domain for big chunk of money

Like we said your domain can be also reselled for an amount you decide.

We do like sedo.com also for reselling, and here is a list of domains we are selling :


A website boosts sales

Even if you are selling physical products or digital products, all your ads and compaign will be sent to your website to buy your products.

Your website is now officially your digital shop that works 24/7 with no days off, all you need is to set up a secured payment getway when buyers need to check-out.

Even if you are not selling products, your visitors can apply for quotes, book services or even reed your FAQ page and watch your tutorials to be familiar with your business.

You can also use our google adsense approval guide to help you monetize your website.


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