January 27, 2023
make your website load faster by flowing this steps to rank your website higher and attract more visitors

Why is website speed important ? What make a website load faster? How to speed up your website ? Here are my answers after 4 years of blogging. And making my own portfolio.

Your website is made to connect your visitors and allow them to join you, buy your products or book room in your hotel, …

That’s why you needed a website at the first place .So,  let’s make your user’s experience on your landing page more enjoyable.

In this post, we will share with you the reasons that makes any website slow and how to make it faster without hurting the user experience and maximize its monetization.

In our case study, we will speed up one of our websites on portfolio https://antistressing.com

Follow ,step by step out journey to speed up the anti stressing website and try to test the speed of your website before and after to be sure of the results.

Note that we will be focused on mobile version only, because on the last 4 years blogging and making content, we noticed that more than 90% use mobiles to access our website and WordPress site is very speed friendly on desktop version.


Why you need website to load faster ?

  • Slow website get no visitors

Imagine that your visitors want to read your latest post, and your page is slow.

No one will type your website or search it again on the internet if it is slow.

A returning visitor is more likely to join your community, subscribe to your newsletter, buy your digital products..

  • Slow website doesn’t sell products

You’ve probably had an experience with an e-commerce that is not fast to load image and gave frustrating e-shoping experience that you remember.

  • Fast website ranks well

If you’re planning to apply for adsense program, your website must have the best possible speed so it have no bouncing visits .

A higher bounce rate means higher troubles for websites, visitors may quit your website faster than you think and never gave it a chance to be tested.

How to test your pagespeed ?

Pagespeed takes on consideration alot of factors to be taken on consideration.

Use google’s pagespeed insights , the official website that measures the speed of your pages from the link below :


Page speed insights test website

You can test the speed of each page on your website, including the homepage.

Test soeed ant

Click analyze to let google start measuring the speed of your website.

Here we are in our case study, we got a 47 on mobile version and 91 on desktop version before the improvements.

But, what are the reasons that makes a website slow ?

What makes a website slow ?

Low speed of website, can be caused by one or multiple reasons that makes your website load faster or slower than you expected, here are the main reasons.

Factors affecting page load time are :

  1. Hosting provider issues
  2. Not using CDN servers
  3. Not using caching plugin
  4. Images with big size
  5. Not using lossy images
  6. Slow theme
  7. Using alot of plugins
  8. The number of posts per page

We will try to explain each aspect of the problem , each issue and how to solve it.

What do you need to load your website faster ?

So you will need alot of improvements to make your primary page load faster.

The internet technology hasbeen improved to help you boost your website performance and deliver a better on page experience , like :

CDN ( Content Delivery Network ) is a network of servers that deliver your content and files to your visitors from the nearest geographical server and reduce the load time to the minimum.

AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages ) is a minified version of your pages, hosted on Google server, thak make your pages load faster an super fast once indexed on google search engine.

WebP images , a type of images files made by google that provides both lossy and lossless compression images that load super fast and reduce the size of your pages.

How to make your website load fast ?

Here is a list of our ways to make website load faster :

  • Use cloudflare
  • Install AMP plugin
  • Compress your images to WebP

Why You Should Use CloudFlare?

Using cloudflare on your website improves your website on many ways, and here what it can do tested on our new website :



Connect your website to Cloudflare

Open your browser and connect to Cloudflare’s website https://www.cloudflare.com/

Cloudflare official website

Login if you already have an account, or signup by clicking the signup button below the login form

Signup form cloudflare cdn

Once you’re done, login to your account to start using cloudflare services for free now.

On the dashboard, the page will list all your connected websites.

Cloudflare dashboard add new website submit

Click add website to connect your website yo their cloud service.

Add url website cloudflare

Type your url then add a new site, in our case https://antistressing.com.

Antistressing.com is our new website that will give tips and tutorials that help you avoid stress maintain your job and life performance and optimize it.


If you want to add multiple websites like us here is a the official tutorial from cloudflare.

Cloudflare will list all the packs available so you can pick the one suitable for you.

Cloudflare have multiple packs to each type of website.

Don’t worry, it’s free if you have simple website , please pick the free pack so it will turn the borders into blue color.

click continue to the next step called DNS records.

Automatically, cloudflare will start scanning your website to check tha nameservers on your own website.

In our case DriverDream.com is hosted on the warpline servers because it’s the cheapest hosting provider we can find.

In order to use cloudflare, you need to set your DNS records to Cloudflare’s servers.

By default the warpline Nameservers are :

  • ns01.warpline.com
  • ns02.warpline.com

So you will be asked to change them to the Cloudflare’s Nameservers as below :

  • elaine.ns.cloudflare.com
  • huxley.ns.cloudflare.com


Change nameservers cloudflare point domain

Untill you change your nameservers, your statut will be set to “Pending Nameservers Update”.


It is now time to change the warpline Nameservers on the warpline dashboard.

Login to your warpline account and click your Domain Name.


We have on our portfolio 10 domains , click on the domain dashboard to modify our domain settings.


Click next to your domain name to manage it


Please note that no SSL was activate it for AntiStressing.com yet.

Click the menu ” Change the nameservers your domain points to ” to point Cloudflare Nameservers as Above

Now, it’s time to point to Cloudflare’s Nameservers to benefit from their technology.

Click the option “Use custom nameservers” to type the Cloudflare’s Nameservers as below .

Click the button “change nameservers” to update them.

Now, back to the Cloudflare’s dashboard again to check the updates

This message will be shown

Cloudflare is now checking the nameservers for AntiStressing.com. Please wait a few hours for an update.

But no worry, it doesn’t take 24 hours maybe just 5 minutes that’s all.


It took us, literally, 30 seconds to see that’s Cloudflare is active on our website Antistressing.com

A notification email is sent once activated to confirm the migration to Cloudflare’s servers.

Now it is time to activate the Cloudflare’s features immediately to fix the speed issue and other useful features also.

You are free to select from a list of  recommendations to improve security and performance of your website.

Click “view recommendations” to check the ones you like to benefit from them.

Each recommended feature helps to improve your website more.

Convert Image to WebP


Why we need to convert images to webp ?

Google recommended us to serve images using next generation formats like WebP and AVIF because they could provide better compression than PNG or JPEG.

What that means for us ?

Of course, it means faster downloads and less data consumption and speed acceleration and higher rankings.

How to compress images into WebP format ?

Install and activate WebP Converter for Media to minimize the images sizes using webp technology.

By doing that, you will reduce the size of your images up to 70% like our case here.

Once installed, activate it, and open the plugin and click settings to set it right to maximize your image loading speed.



Now when you download any video it will be downloaded as webp file.

Use LiteSpeed Cache plugin

Fllow the exact settings to have the same results as we did on antistressing.com

Reduce the number of posts in homepage

The number of images and text on the home page play a major role into slowing the loading page.

Reduce the number posts per page to 6 to reduce the file size to the minimum.

On the dashboard open settings / reading and set the Blog pages show at most to 6 posts.

The final results

Here’s the phenomenal results for both mobile and desktop version for the same website

Take a look to the performance and try it by yourself.

Pagespeed test speed page website fast faster up


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