January 27, 2023

This question is always a breaking point, some will tell you to go for specific niche, some will convince you to go broad.

Is it better to create a specific niche site or broad niche site? Why should I create a website sooner ?

advantages of niche website

A niche website makes it easy for you to aquire best ads on your niche, your business and more affiliate income.

Your website can run also as a marketing agency for your niche, your customers will be brands and business on your specific niche reaching out for more leads and sales.

If you target a specific niche from the early days of your website creation, you will be getting google’s trust sooner as general niche website.

Google’s trust or EAT will be established once you pass all the tests according to Google’s Search Quality Rating Guidelines.

How do I increase my E-A-T score?

EAT stands for “Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness” means that you got google’s trust and it is willing to show you on its search engine results pages ( SERP ).

In order for you to establish the EAT , you will work on many factors, to get it done.


Try to be honest, put your real identity, never lie about your country, name, age…

Use trusted ressources,link to official ressources, elsewhere, write original content from scratch .

Prove your expertise, by answering all the user’s questions , find solutions to their problems.

Update posts whenever it’s needed to, so users won’t bounce on your page to more reliable websites.

How do you choose a perfect niche ?

I do use my own strategy, in order to build my own digital agency on the next few years, buy focusing on my passions first.

Here’s how I did build my portfolio of websites, by niches :

  • Teaching Moroccan dialect
  • kid’s guide website
  • marketing website
  • Racing Android games
  • Anti stress tactics
  • Guide for my Moroccan city

Because i am moroccan I did establish a very good authority level on moroccan topics , now I am targeting new keywords , new business ideas .

I have a 5 years kid so I decided to document every aspect of rising kids , and the website is growing as my kid do.

Here on my website, I am sharing my expertise on the webmastering and website monetization methods with you.

My kid is a fan of racing games so I do once a weak install new android games, so I will share them on the website.

My job is on the finance business, so it will be more easy to share my ideas to live better life and get ride of the stress.

My city is the only city i leaved in, so I know each neighborhood, store, street.. so I decided to share my guide of it and teach its unique accent to other visitors from other city, and the world.

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