January 27, 2023

What is a permalink ? How to set your permalinks right ?

A permalink is the link structure of your blog, website or online shop.

Each page on your website must have a permalink.

Multiple permalinks can lead to the sane page.

A permalink must be optimized to get more traffic and more sales.

A well optimized url helps your SEO and get good interactions with your visitors because it is more SEO friendly.

Any link on your pages must be related to its topic and easy to remember.

Example newsletter link should be like :


Support permalink should be yourdomain/support.

Make sure to only change the permalinks of the new posts or the drafts.

Your older posts can be already indexed and have backlinks on multiple pages on your website or other website.

Any changes on your permalink, will show errors that will kick your visitors out and  hurts your SEO .

Your visitors will click on an inexistent page instead with errors that will terminate their visit.

How to set your permalink for one post only ?

Login to your WordPress dashboard.

Open the page you want to change its permalink.

Click the pen symbol up on the menu to edit it.

In this case , our permalink is the post’s title automatically, so let’s click on the url permalink.

Now the permalink is totally editable, so you can write your own permalink.

Example :






How to set your permalinks for all your pages ?

The best way to set the permalink correctly is to show the title after the domain name, like : https://PromoteYourProject.com/how-to-set-permalink-in-wordpress-correctly

To set permalink for a single WordPress blog , here is how :

Click the parallel menu then settings / permalink

By default, it set to month and name, so you will pick the custom structure.

You can opt for the month and name or just moth for specific type of blogs such us news or journey blogs.

Once you select the custom structure click save to update your entire blog’s url structure.



Now you will change the permalink for all your website.

Each time you change the permalink structure, all your website links change.

Be aware that once your posts are indexed, it will not be recommended to do so, because each search on Google will send the user to the old url that no longer exists.


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