January 27, 2023
how to promote your business locally for free

In order to promote your business locally, it is now time to properly reap the rewards of making the website earlier on.

Let’s say you are shop owner, one a major event hits you , that’s a late decision to go live on a marketing compaign.

You are already in a dilemma, so how can you afford facebook ads or google ads if you did not establish a brand awareness correctly.

That’s doesn’t mean that you don’t need any google ads or Facebook ads or a local compaign on TV or on radio station, but it means you may make it for free locally instead.

However, in order to maximize your compaign results, you will need to optimize your website for local search in the perfect way.

How to optimize your business for local search ?

The most important action that you will focus on, is to optimize the keywords and the SEO efforts on local search first, like :

  • Shop near me
  • Best shop in upper east side
  • Best shop in chicago
  • local store with home delivery near me

Give visitors a good user experience once they visit your website by making your website load faster.

In order to deliver a better user experience, optimize your images by uploading lighter image files with lower filesize.

Of course the great content will result on more time spent on the website, and more clicked links and much more pageviews.


How it takes to get higher ranking on google search results page

This action require a one year approximately ,on the worst case scenarios, to get higher ranking results , and google will test it and see the action on visitors.

Visitors often will call the shop an then visit the google business page and give bad or good reviews.

The more good reviews you get, the more your website get higher and better rankings , because it’s already linked as official website.

Of course, if people like the business, they may link to the website as link or a shared post, or give recommendations for it, then people on the local area will search for it by name, then click on it even on the bottom of first page or even the second page of google page.

how to get more leads to my website


Every potential customer or new visitors will be convinced naturally by real humans that testify of the results they had with your business, your agency or your brand.

People like also numbers, especially increasing number like +200% or X5 times.

The most important thing is to keep it honest and avoid scams, by adding real metrics like your own hit counter or more third party analytics.

Free quotes

No one likes to be surprised by high prices, try to give buyers a reason to buy you brand, by asking them for contact details to send it later.

Even if if a visitor that you contact refuse a deal, try to contact it later with another free quote on the Newsletter that he already subscribed for.

Make your own newsletter remarketing , send free quotes based on the data on your area, let’s say a new customer in your area wanna do a renovation for its house, and you already know the common budget people are willing to pay for it.

Your quote must compete with your competition by price and quality also.

Free test

Especially for apps or generators, your potential want to test the idea and give it a shot.

If you’re selling cars also, engines, people will love a real life experience before they buy any expensive produts.


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