January 27, 2023

A link is the clickable text that send the user to other page.

The link can be a page on the same website and called internal backlink, or a page on another website called external backlinks.

You can ad a link in a post by clicking the chain link or by HTML code in the text area.

How to insert a link manually using only HTML

HTML code will help you add a link no matter the CMS you are using, WordPress,…

A sample code is used and here is how to write it :

  • Required HTML code  :

<A href=’https://promoteyourproject.com/contact’>contact</a>

This code will open a link in the same window to the specific url of contact page : https://promoteyourproject.com/contact called also a permalink.

To add an internal link that opens in a new window, you will need to add a parameter called target to same code and to set it to blank to indicate to user’s browser that the link is ment to open in new window.

The new code for an internal link on a new window is :

<A href=’https://promoteyourproject.com/contact’ target=’_blank’>contact</a>


Insert a link in WordPress site

Once you click on th chain button a search zone will pop up that will help search a post title or keyword to help add a link to other post in your own blog called internal link.

This search zone let you introduce a direct link to specific URL inside our an external link.

Type the specific word to help WordPress filter the results for you.

Once you picked the right post you can change it title or just let the title as it is.

In you case you want to add a specific url past it or type it and add your own text for the link.

You can also check the option Open link in a new tab to open the link in a new window.


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