January 27, 2023

Your website must contain at leat a dozen of posts if you wanna monetize it with adsense.

However, some websites doesn’t require having posts, such as landing page for e-commerce websites.

Contact websites that are made just as Vcard to collect contact informations from customers to contact them later.

How to add a post in wordpress ?

You can add a post in wordpress, by a simple on the plus button (+) then click Post .

Another why to add a post on wordpress is to click on the 3 parallel button or the dashboard button then click posts / Add new.

Once you click on Add new post menu now you have to fille all the info about the post ad set all the editing on it.

Add a title and swipe to the text tab, an automatic permalink will be generated.

Type in or past the content of the post then choose the format of the post depending on the theme.

How do you schedule a post for later publishing in WordPress ?

Before you click publish , edit the publish immediately option to the date you wanna schedule the post to be published.

Repeat the same process for each post, with the exact time .

You can launch the website entirely in one day, and schedule it to auto publish a post or more each day.

Each post must be classified in a single category or more so it will be shown on related posts or the categories archive.

Now choose the category of the post or add the new category if needed.

Add the appropried tags or pick the convinient one.

You can add or choose multiple tags for the same post if necessary .


Once finished click publish button to save your work.


How do I translate a post in WordPress ?

Translate the post manually, its best for your SEO then set the translated version for each post and set the language to avoid duplicate content issues.

Use the HREFLANG Tags plugin after you translate the page content.

You can install a muli-site wordpress then link each post to its translation.

Example :


We will link it to french version


And the same for each language translated to.

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