January 27, 2023

You can install a new theme on wordpress by clicking on the 3 parallel line then apperance then customize and click add new theme.

A theme is pre set design for your WordPress site and it is considered one of the main reasons that slow down or speed up your entire website.

We do like Astra theme for now because it is easy to use and can load fast.

It is possible to click the blue rectangle Customise your site to access directly theme / customize.

Click Add New to add a new theme from the pre-installed WordPress themes.

Once you click Add new, type the name of the theme to search it.

Or just type some search keywords to find the desired theme.

Like : design, school,music…

How to setup Astra theme ?

In our case we will type Astra then it will automaticly show the picture as below.

Click the blue install button on top to activate the theme on our WordPress blog.

Once installed click activate to activate the Astra theme on your wordpress.

Click publish after clicking the right setting for your blog.

On WordPress , we find only the free themes, but some themes like Astra offers premium version .

How ever , internet is full of paid WordPress themes that you can find them on famous websites like :

  • themeforest.net
  • mythemeshop.com
  • templatemonster.com

Never use a cracked theme, or use a theme for more than website if the license forbid it.

Check the reviews before you buy, each theme have its own specifications, some offers animation sliders, but it gives the worst user experience .

Any theme you buy must have a support option active, because some theme can have conflicts with some plugins .

Consider to backup your website each time you try new theme , because if something will go wrong, restore the latest backup to solve the issue.

We do recommend Astra theme, SEO blogily themes, because we got accepted on adsense program easily using both of them .

You can install multiples themes on each site on a WordPress multiple site .

How to install neve theme ?




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