January 27, 2023

Normally PHP and JS are the only programming languages in the list, but we will teach how to implement a combination of all of them to set the best design for your web pages too.

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It’s a dynamic language that can handle alot of aspects of your website , that ran on the server side such as :

  • Language detection
  • Mobile redirection
  • Call external ressources
  • Handle scenarios for each user
  • Handling error pages
  • Algorithm stuff


In combination with php, mysql will help you manage a virtual database or multiple databases at the same time for multiple needs like :

  • Login system
  • Newsletter
  • Users datas
  • Internal search engine
  • Forum
  • Tickets system
  • E-commerce transactions


JavaScript is client side programming languages, JS is needed only for tasks that cannot handled by the servers, such as :

  • changing page background
  • redirection on selection change
  • Text areas and input counters
  • On click events
  • Alerts and message boxes
  • Showing the user time
  • Handling browser cookies
  • Forbidden right click
  • Auto focus on input texts


Is browser side code that tells the browser how to echo different elements of the websites on the head and the body of each page , like :

  • Page description
  • Page title
  • Background
  • Text color
  • Forms,Inputs,text areas and buttons
  • Width,height, visibility of each element


Is the design code that specify each specific element design one by one, or globally and tells the browser how to generate the page correctly.

Generally speaking a clean website, is the one that handle each browser and device correctly and work perfectly without any bugs or glitch.

A css describe multiple design pattern for each html tag and can be coded by :

  • Tag type
  • Tag name
  • Tag id
  • Parent element

There are many frameworks that make it easy to write and develop css code such as bootstrap .

Tell us what you need to work in your next website in the comments section to help you optimize it for you.

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